With the release in 2016 of the NES Classic Mini, and in 2017 of the SNES Classic Mini, the retro games have never been so popular, commercially speaking of course. Console manufacturers and video game publishers have understood this well and are consistently releasing old titles adapted to today’s hardware, or even brand new consoles. Their goal is always the same: to allow fans of the retro to find all the sensations of the time, and avoid them having to invest in an old console and acquire the corresponding games.

The advantage of opting for a “new” retro console is multiple. First of all, you have new equipment that you do not need to clean / repair because you have been in the cellar or the attic for too long. In addition, there is a console that can connect any modern TV, including HDMI, the video connector standard now the most widespread. Finally, and this is perhaps the most interesting point: these consoles integrates from the outset dozens and dozens of games, offered free and “legally” by the manufacturer of the device.

Some will say that it is better to use the good and loyal services of a small Raspberry Pi: it’s cheaper and you can install dozens of emulators, which provide access to tens of thousands of games, and allow for example to save at any time its part. They will not be wrong, of course. But do they know that in most cases, they play in the most illegal way. Until proven otherwise, the commercial games of SNES, Megadrive or even the ancestral Atari 2600 have not fallen into the public domain – and unless they have the original, the installation of a Commercial ROM on a small PC like a Raspberry Pi is considered piracy.

If you find it difficult to find your way through all available references, we have selected and tested 7 retrogressive consoles in both online and offline stores. 7 consoles that have all their qualities, but also their defects. From the NES Classic Mini to the Sega Mega Drive Flashback, via the Atari Flashback 8 Gold or the SNES mini, here is a little overview of the different consoles that allow you to find the biggest hits of the 80s and 90s .

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